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If you also want to write a word to reassure future hesitant consultants, however one of the comments is false so that you realize that technically it is worth nothing because you will never know if it is not written by a friend, a client who wants to please, a paid person (it exists on the net), or written by myself. Thus, it is not worth in any way as reliability or security or even honesty and sincerity… The net abounds with this kind of thing, so do not rely on testimonials, you will not know the origin or the foundation!

The Golden Book

"I tried the experiment with Sébastien, and I can say that I am not disappointed. I had gone around the people offering occult services and I spent astronomical sums for nothing, my only reget is is not having known Sébastien before..."

Claire, 38 years old

"Surely the best if not the only true Sorcerer I know!"

Martine, 65 years old

"A veritable well of science, a real little magic genius. Go ahead with your eyes closed."

Emily, 57 years olds

"Having taken his classes and having had recourse to his works, I can say that he is an excellent Mage. He makes us evolve as few manage to do!"

Frederique, 40 years old

"Sébastien is the only one who has managed to practice lead better than the Talebs."

Malika, 41 years old

"Seeing him do exorcisms or entity banishment to save people who are really possessed is an exceptional moment, especially when the person becomes conscious again, there are a lot of emotions!"

Dominique, 58 

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Sebastien GA Le Maout

Sorcerer ∞ Mage ∞ Occultist

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