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If you have a problem in your life, or an idea for a project or an improvement, I propose to work for you with rituals that I have been able to study in the different magical orders during my initiations as well as tested in order to prove their effectiveness. For this I need a description of your problem so that I can give you an estimate and have you by phone for the conveniences of use such as secure payment and the personal capacitors that I would need for the ritual.   

Occult Works

However, it happens that certain works require that I be accompanied by a relative, Steve Carlin,  Recognized medium. For so-called common clairvoyance questions on personal life, I redirect consultants to Steve for this kind of request.

By the same, each of the occult works is accompanied by a pre-ritual and post-ritual clairvoyance follow-up which will be of use to me alone, for the operation of a ritual.



In cases where it is an urgent request for help such as a psychic attack, bewitchment, or possession, please send me the answers to these questions:



Tracing Trackers :

These are the standard questions we should ask a subject before proceeding :

  • Are you on medication, medical or psychological treatment ?  i.e. schizophrenia or terminal illness, panic attack or anxiety disorder_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_?

  • Do you use alcohol or drugs or prescription drugs ?

  • Do you feel that your life is in physical danger ?

  • Is this an investigation of illegal activity ?

  • Are you under 18 ? How old are you ?

  • Do you have any psychic or mediumistic abilities ? Are you part of an occult study group? Or do you practice alone?

  • Have you ever encountered physical manifestations, if so, what ?

  • Do you feel like hurting yourself or others ?

For common requests for Affective Return or disenchantment, I invite you to read these articles where I have already explained everything:

 - Back Affection: questions and answers 

 - How to behave during an Affective Return ritual

 - Know everything (or almost) about bewitchments, unbewitchments and counter-bewitchments 

 - Stupid question, does it work? : winning, at the lottery, pact with a demon, time travel… (for various and absurd requests)

For the rest, I invite you to write to me:

For a quote:  

Your information has been sent !

WARNING: before making an appointment, take the time to read the site and find out if you have the means  for the remuneration. To   because of too many withdrawals, each person withdrawing at the last minute will not be renewed, even with deposits. This is a job, not a  hobbie, schedule gaps are not appreciated. Invoice on request.

Retour Affectif

Sebastien GA Le Maout

Sorcerer ∞ Mage ∞ Occultist