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Terms of Sales

According to article 2044 of the Civil Code in force




  1. Each verbal conversation between the two contracting parties is sworn to be honest.

  2. The practitioner does not guarantee 100% success in his work. And if in the hypothesis of a success rate calculated by his care is given as a pledge of foil, the practitioner does not engage certainty as to the determination of the work carried out as an addition of positive value to his success rate. Due to logic and objectivity rigorously observed and enforced by the practitioner.

  3. The practitioner does not commit time allocated to the success of his work. In keeping with its scrupulously employed ethics of honesty.

  4. Not being a science recognized by scientists and the academic world, it cannot be otherwise for the percentages of success, the notions of temporality and therapeutic accuracy.

  5. The practitioner and his practice do not in any way guarantee miracles, false feelings or improbable situations cannot be created. The activity of the practitioner comes down to a boost in the action requested, this does not prevent the use of pragmatic activities in order to achieve the desired goal. In addition, if it turns out that the practitioner considers that this is outside his area of expertise and that the client needs to approach a doctor or a psychologist, no injunction against him will be accepted.

  6. No option can substitute medical or pharmaceutical advice. Do not hesitate to seek advice from your doctor and pharmacist beforehand before using any products or techniques that may affect your health.

  7. The practitioner disengages from all physical and moral responsibilities regarding the non-compliance of the expected results. The result being corollary polyfactorial, it is impossible to foresee all external authorities being able to influence the aforesaid work.

  8. An invoice and an estimate can be provided at the customer's request.




  1. The client undertakes to follow the recommendations relating to the practitioner's work to the letter in accordance with the verbal contract of the two contractors in order to ensure the maximum chance of success in the work.

  2. The client ensures the reliability of his sources, facts, gestures, behaviors, allegations, relative to the use of the practitioner's work.

  3. The client ensures payment for the contracted work. Whether in easy payment or cash payment, the work is done and deserves salary, and whatever the purpose, taking into account the points mentioned above.

  4. The practitioner will take legal action in the event of non-honored payment against the client.

  5. The practitioner disengages from any refund, recovery or exchange.

  6. The customer disengages from any capacity of withdrawal after signing these clauses.




The customer  undertakes to:

  • to have read this document before signing and to follow rigorously all the points mentioning it

  • recognize that they have not been subjected to any threat or pressure from a contracting party

  • to be certain as to the will of the act requested

  • be able to honor the payment contracted verbally with the practitioner

  • demonstrate good manners by not harassing the practitioner outside the hours stipulated on the internet or by the practitioner

  • act in good faith

  • have read and seen the practitioner's website in its entirety in the event of information relating to the work and the practitioner being there

  • give consent to the use of techniques relating to the practitioner's work


The practitioner  undertakes to:

  • do the work contracted by the client and do their utmost in order to try to obtain the best possible result

  • be honest in all circumstances

  • have read this document and rigorously follow all the points mentioning it

  • cause no harm to the second contracting party

  • ensure the well-being of the client, his anonymity and the security of all the data provided

  • follow all verbal agreements between him and the client

  • not to put the client in physical or moral danger

  • demonstrate professional ethics and honor for the profession

  • best help the customer in his approach

  • guarantee applied knowledge in their professional field

  • respect the client in all respects and all circumstances

  • redirect to colleagues more expert than him in a sub-field relating to his own and ensure the reliability of his point of view and not theirs and the whole.

  • not to exaggerate in its prices and not to exert any pressure to make more money against the customer

  • once the payment has been made, no financial supplement will be requested for the same work

  • respect his word and this document

Sebastien GA Le Maout

Sorcerer ∞ Mage ∞ Occultist

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