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mécanismes pratique magique livre sebastien le maout alliance magique
Livre : Les Mécanismes de la Pratique Magique

Publisher's presentation: 

Why do we still use candles in the age of electricity?
Is the staging of our rituals useful, and if so, how?
How and when to use the wand and the athame effectively?
How to decipher the secrets of authentic grimoires?
How to discern the illusions, psychological or mental effects of real magic?
Far from the usual contradictions between the many methods, techniques and initiatic Traditions,The Mechanisms of Magical Practiceoffers us more rituals and techniques based on the many years of practices, studies and research of the author, access to the cogs and gears hidden in the heart of energy and magic.
Its content is an invitation to discover where research is at and how to practice with regard to the most recent scientific discoveries.
This book will enrich your art and your talents in magic, sorcery, esotericism and energy practices.
This book offers you the long-awaited companion, the one who will enlighten you on an invisible but real and exciting path: yours!

+300 bound pages, texts and illustrations in black & white

ISBN-10: 2367360332

ISBN-13: 978-2367360331

Price: 20€

Publisher: Alliance Magique Editions

In bookstores August 23, 2018

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Gain healthy access to a practice that resembles you Magical practice conceals many secrets that are difficult to unlock when trying to take the first steps. It is from this observation that was born 100 questions to start well in magic. More than a learning book, it is an educational manual that offers you lessons without dogmatism, training and monitoring your progress through assessments. To offer a marked road book allowing the neophyte to have all the keys in hand to better understand the various information gleaned here and there, such is the objective of this book. A companion who will follow you throughout your spiritual journey thanks to an innovative training in 5 sequences, each composed of 20 short lessons in the form of questions, and answering the questions that any beginner asks himself. A must have! About the author: Teacher and independent researcher in occult sciences and specialized in magic for more than 20 years, Sébastien GA Le Maôut is a practitioner recognized by the media, the written press and television. The work of popularization and the "scientific" approach to magic and witchcraft of this heir to a family witch tradition have been greatly appreciated for many years by his clientele and his students.

Sebastien GA Le Maout

Sorcerer ∞ Mage ∞ Occultist

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